When is a Rekey Necessary?

When is a Rekey Necessary?

rekey When is a Rekey Necessary? A1 Keys Service Long Beach

When you rekey a lock, you are essentially changing the pins out in the cylinder to avoid someone using an old key on it again in the future. It is an essential service to secure your house or apartment instead of replacing the lock altogether.

Rekeying is necessary when:

You just recently moved into a new house or apartment

This step is crucial when getting a new place as you never know whether the former tenant left anything behind. He/she may find it easier just to enter your home and pick up what they forgot rather than go through the trouble of asking the landlord.

You want to upgrade the security of your house or apartment, but you want to keep the same lock

Maybe you want to keep your lock since it fits the house colors or interior nicely. Or it’s more secure than getting a costly replacement.

A change in housekeepers

Rekeying is very necessary when you are leaving for a well-deserved trip and the housekeeper will be maintaining the house while you’re gone. It’s always better to be safe than sorry in these situations, especially if you have any high ticket items laying around the house, such as jewelry or cash in a drawer.

Your keys were stolen or you lost them

If you lost your keys or someone stole them, it’s always best to secure your home/apartment by rekeying the lock ASAP. You never know when the hoodlum will come back again to visit.

You have recently fired a babysitter or pet sitter

If you recently had to fire a bad babysitter or pet sitter and it didn’t end well, you may want to tighten the security around your house as they may still have your keys in their possession. And there’s always a chance that the sitter made a copy of your keys if they worked for you for a long time.

You had a technician such as a plumber perform a service at your house

Letting someone perform work at your home usually requires you to relinquish your key at some point. Especially if they do their work while you’re away. While you may trust their work ethic, you never know what their intentions are after the job is done. Therefore, it’s always best to rekey the main doors after you’ve had a large service done just to be safe.

A1 Keys Service Long Beach Makes Rekeying Necessary

Ultimately, a rekey is necessary when you’ve given your security up to someone you don’t know at some point. We may know what their intentions are, but we never know for sure, and it’s not worth taking a risk just to find that your belongings have been taken under your nose by a person you thought was trustworthy. Contact A1 Keys Service Long Beach and find out why you should rekey your home today.